Erik Suring's Presentations


Suring, E. 2008. 2008. ODFW Coastal Life Cycle Basins. PNAMP Intensively Monitored Watershed Workshop, Corvallis, Oregon.

Suring, E.J., D.C. Stewart, and M. Lewis. 2008. Using GPS and handheld computers to monitor steelhead populations. 2008 AFS Western Division annual meeting, Portland, Oregon.


Fleming, M. A., E. Suring, and J. A. Cook. 1999. Phylogeography of ermine, Mustela erminea, in Southeast Alaska. American Society of Mammalogists 79th annual meeting, Seattle, Washington.

Suring, E., E. Conti, and S. Kelso. 1999. Phylogeny of the plant genus Primula L.: implications for sectional circumscription, relationships and evolution of breeding systems. Poster presentation at Evolution '99, Madison, Wisconsin.